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Success Stories

Success Stories

With a 9/10 success rate, here are some of our most recent successes:

1/12/16  - “We’ve just been awarded a $4000 grant for our Garden to Table work! We applied for $9000 for our planned project, so we didn’t get the whole amount but $4000 is better than nothing. Thank you so much for your help in securing this funding – I really appreciated your input. Can you tell me if I am able to apply for the outstanding amount from another Trust?"

3/9/16 - $7,000 towards bikes and helmets for the Bikes in Schools project

6/10/16 - $10,00 towards a new school van

19/9/16 - $13,000 towards heat pumps for our school hall

5/5/16 - $5,0000 for IT equipment

7/8/16 - $25 000 swimming pool upgrade

4/3/16 - $1,500 towards trophies, banners and medals

7/4/16 - $500.00 towards school trip

14/4/16 - $20,000 towards wages

About Donald

At an agency meeting I watched as attendees pushed digits on their calculators. With tears in her eyes Donald's mother looked at me across the table, as I caught her expression I asked, “Mum, what do YOU want”. She replied “I just want my son to go to school”. I knew I could help this family and put my suggestion forward. The task was delegated to me to make this happen. I made two phone calls wherein I learned of the funding constraints of transporting the child the additional 10kms to and from school. I talked with mum and together we wrote a letter to one of her local Community Clubs for funding, which was successful, problem solved.

About Connie

It was May this particular year that I read the front page article about a high needs student who hadn’t attended school since December the prior year due to funding constraints. I was astonished that with all the ‘support’ that Connie had, no agency was able to help her. I phoned the editor of the story and explained who I was and that I felt I could help. I asked if he would pass my contact details onto the mother.

A few days later Connie's mum called. We talked…well, she talked and I listened, I took notes and obtained her permission to make inquiries on her behalf. I only had to make two phone calls in which I established that the student was not accessing all her entitlements. Two weeks later Connie was back at school.

About Adam

This high needs Autistic youth was only able to attend school until midday of each school day due to his needs and funding constraints. Long story short I found a suitable ‘buddy’ who on Monday afternoons took him to Riding for the Disabled, Tuesday was craft day at the local craft shop, Wednesdays was swimming lessons, Thursday's grocery shopping and Friday he helped his father with his business. Funding was secured for all these activities including the buddies wages.