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Employee Volunteering Champion Award Winner

Employee Volunteering Champion, Business Winner 2014

Helen Whitcombe has won the Employee Champion Award for Business in 2014.

The Employee Volunteering Champion, Business is someone who goes above and beyond to motivate others within their workplace to volunteer and is dedicated to making a difference.

             Helen Whitcombe, Transpower

             Helen Whitcombe, Transpower

Helen Whitcombe combines her role in the Sustainability Team at Transpower with her passion for the community. Helen makes volunteering easy for her colleagues by sourcing and maintaining a list of volunteering opportunities that they can take up. But she also leads the way by example.

In the course of the year, Helen has diverted from landfill 20 x 640 litre bins of Transpower’s old stationery and electrical goods, sending them instead to Mana Recovery for recycling. And she has gone on to assist Mana Recovery with making applications for funding. She also managed to recover hundreds of unwanted spectacle lenses which have now been transformed into beautiful brooches by the team at Vincent’s Art Studio. 

Helen’s commitment and initiative made her a stand-out choice for our judges as the first winner of the Employee Volunteering Champion, Business Award.

Thank you to Volunteer Wellington for this story.