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How It Works

How It Works

Funding applications are a team effort. You know your school/group and I know what funders need in an application. Using Google docs, together we compile an application for maximum impact! This then becomes your template for subsequent applications so that you can do most of the work yourself. I then review what you have compiled, suggest changes, making tweaks and source the best funder to apply to.

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My expertise:

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  • 7 years experience in compiling great applications

  • Knowing which funder to apply to and when to apply

  • Having a range of supplier contacts

  • Understanding the difference between a need and a want

  • Strong ability to think outside the box to source solutions

  • Accurate with a high level of attention to detail

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What I need from you:

  • A designated person to work with

  • A commitment of about 10 hours over 4-6 weeks

The funders that you are eligible to apply to is determined by your location and the community you serve.

Contract for Service

A Contract for Service outlines the scope and nature of service, the tasks I will undertake, fees and timing of payment. It is the Contract between you and Funding Connection.

On a Contract for Service, I will:

  • Guide you through the application process

  • Work with you to compile your application

  • Respond promptly to queries

  • Draft and edit documents

  • Work after hours at no extra cost

  • Assist in obtaining quotes

  • Provide a list of what needs to be in a quote as per funders requirements

  • Source the most appropriate funder to apply to for your purpose

  • Discuss your potential application with the relevant funder to ensure it will be considered

  • Assist you to complete the application form

Through A Contract for Service you will learn :

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  • What should be included in Supporting Information

  • How to use repetition effectively

  • The importance of your own contribution

  • How to compile a great costings budget

  • How to write a cover letter for maximum impact

  • How to make your Operational Budget stretch further

  • What funders NEED in a quote AND an application

  • How to compile a concise funding application

  • Tips on compiling your Accountability Report

Avoid common pitfalls that may mean your application is not even considered

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