Funding Connection
Connecting schools, sports clubs and not-for-profit organisations with funding opportunities


CONNECTING schools, registered charities and not-for profit organisations with funding opportunities

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for your New Zealand school, charitable trust or not-for-profit organisation?


With a 9/10 success rate, here are some of my recent successes:

  • $1,600 towards sports uniforms
  • $1,000 towards sports equipment
  • $14,000 for sports equipment
  • $20,000 towards wages
  • $848.00 to attend conference
  • $9,100 towards wages
  • $41,000 towards IT equipment
  • $10,000 towards IT equipment
  • $5,000 towards a Garden to Table project
  • $25,000 towards wages
  • $1,900 towards two trikes for children with mobility challenges
  • $4,000 towards Garden to Table project
  • $7,000 towards bikes and helmets for the Bikes in Schools project
  • $10,000 towards a new school van
  • $13,000 towards heat pumps for a school hall
  • $5,000 towards IT equipment
  • $25,000 towards swimming pool upgrade

Funding applications are a team effort, YOU know your group and I know what funders want  in an application; without the waffle.

Do you need funding for:

  • Laptops, iPads
  • Interactive whiteboard
  • Sports gear, music equipment
  • Library books, furniture
  • EOTC
  • Travel & accommodation
  • Buildings, renovations
  • Hardship 
  • Cultural uniforms
  • Astro turf
  • Playground upgrade
  • Wages
  • Coaching, mentoring fees
  • Resources
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Are you accessing ALL the funders you are eligible to apply to?

On a Contract for Services, I will:

  • Source funders that you are eligible to apply to
  • Source the most appropriate funder to apply to for each purpose/project on your wish list
  • Discuss your potential application with the relevant funder to ensure it meets their criteria 
  • Assist in obtaining quotes 
  • Provide a bullet point list of what needs to be in a quote
  • Guide you through the application process
  • Assist with collating supporting information
  • Create the costings spreadsheet
  • Draft and edit documents  
  • Assist you to complete the application form

My fee of $60 per hour is an investment as you will learn how to compile an application for maximum impact!

Avoid common pitfalls that may mean your application is not even considered

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