Funding Connection
Connecting schools, sports clubs and not-for-profit organisations with funding opportunities


CONNECTING schools, registered charities and not-for profit organisations with funding opportunities

You wouldn’t hire a plumber to paint your house. Get the right specialist for the job!

Funding Connection is a national funding consultancy service specialising in showing schools, registered charities and not-for-profit organisations how to compile a concise funding application for maximum impact!


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Successful grants include:

  • $2,400 sports equipment

  • $3,000 playground equipment

  • $10,000 playground equipment

  • $10,873.59 ongoing costs

  • $19,000 school van

  • $31,034 rope climbing frame

  • $40,000 school playground

  • $25,000 swimming pool upgrade

  • $25,000 adventure playground

  • $68,104 playground upgrade

  • $4, 754 swim lane hire

  • $5,000 picnic and BBQ area

  • $27,414 IT equipment

  • $7, 811.95 squabs for public hall

  • $18,935 school playground

  • $3,500 equipment for children with special needs

Are you accessing ALL the funders you are eligible to apply to?

Are your funding applications a hit and miss?

Avoid common pitfalls that may mean your application is not even considered

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