Funding Connection
Connecting schools, sports clubs and not-for-profit organisations with funding opportunities


CONNECTING schools, registered charities and not-for profit organisations with funding opportunities

Funding Connection is a New Zealand funding consultancy service specialising in showing schools, registered charities and not-for-profit organisations how to compile a concise funding application for maximum impact!


Successful Grant and Funding Applications include:

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  • $2,400 sports equipment

  • $3,000 playground equipment

  • $10,000 playground equipment

  • $10,873.59 ongoing costs

  • $4,700 school camp

  • $19,000 school van

  • $31,034 rope climbing frame

  • $40,000 school playground

  • $25,000 swimming pool upgrade

  • $25,000 adventure playground

  • $68,104 playground upgrade

  • $4, 754 swim lane hire

  • $5,000 picnic and BBQ area

  • $27,414 IT equipment

  • $7, 811.95 squabs for public hall

  • $18,935 school playground

  • $3,500 equipment for children with special needs

Are you accessing ALL the community grant funding that you are eligible to apply to?

Who can I apply to for funding NZ? This is a question I am often asked.

There are lots of different funding sources available. The ones to apply to is determined by your location and the community you serve; this is the research I carry out. Funding from gaming machines and trust grants are most common but there are also other sources of funding in NZ. I have worked with many funding organisations in NZ and helped community groups like yours access funding all over New Zealand.

Help with NZ grant applications

Avoid common pitfalls that may mean your application is not even considered.

I have extensive experience and understanding of the different criteria for applications for funding in New Zealand. This includes knowing the eligibility and time frames for grants and the different guidelines for grant applications.

Over the years I have been asked many funding FAQS and been able to help people get through their grant application process. I will work with you to show you how to apply for funding and can provide fundraising help anywhere in NZ.

Whatever your funding needs, whether it is playground funding, sports grants, swimming pool funding, school camps, Professional Development funding etc, I can guide you to make a professional, quality, concise grant application.

How to increase your chances of a successful NZ grant funding application

Throughout New Zealand, many small community groups, schools, sports clubs, charities and not-for-profit organisations rely on grant funding to help them operate or run events.

Busy committee members, volunteers or trustees commit many hours to their organisations. Then they need to spend even more time searching through dozens of diverse funding sources from gaming machine grants, local authorities, or seeking out generous donors. Once they find a source for funding, they then have to spend more time applying for those funds, filling out various grant application forms, which vary and ask for different application details.

This is how I can help with your NZ grants and funding applications.

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You wouldn’t hire a plumber to paint your house. Get the right specialist for the job. Hire a NZ funding specialist for your grant application. 

 Contact us today to get your funding sorted!