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Is my group eligible for funding?

If you are a New Zealand school, charitable trust or not-for-profit organisation, yes, you are eligible to apply for funding.

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The funders you are eligible to apply to are determined by your location and the community you service. Funders are sourced through researching websites, knowledge and many years experience of thinking outside the box to meet client needs. When we have compiled all the necessary documents for your application, I review your short list of potential funders and discuss your application with the most appropriate funder to ensure your application meets their criteria. Once we submit the application it is then up to the funding committee to determine the outcome.


Funding providers are represented by a committee which considers numerous applications for the same pool of funds. The committee may know little or nothing about your organisation.  I help you create the best application covering all the required elements funders require.

Funding applications are a team effort as you know your group and I know what funders want to see in an application.


Clients have come from:

  • Kaitaia

  • Helensville

  • Auckland North

  • Auckland West

  • Auckland South

  • Matamata

  • Whakatane

  • Taumarunui

  • Ohakune

  • Gisborne

  • Napier

  • Masterton

  • Levin

  • Upper Hutt

  • Lower Hutt

  • Wellington

  • Porirua

  • Tawa

  • Nelson

  • Christchurch

  • Dunedin


Avoid common pitfalls that may mean your application is not even considered

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